It Begins With A Prayer …

I received inspiration for the creation of
these beautiful Divine Destiny Bracelets
directly from my Father in Heaven.

Divine Destiny Bracelet by Beauty for Ashes

Divine Destiny Bracelet by Beauty for Ashes

 It all started with a dream. In this dream I received specific instructions by God to  begin creating jewelry that was infused with His love and favor.

I’ll never forget it. I awoke from this dream wondering what it meant. After all, I’d never made one piece of jewelry before.
But somehow I knew this was my new calling…
To create fashion forward jewelry designs prayerfully infused with
the power of God’s love and favor.
This divine directive to create jewelry that would allow people to know and move into their divine destiny with the promise of God and His favor continues to be a blessing beyond measure.
As you can imagine, this changed my life in the most wondrous ways. In fact, it  changed everything. And I sincerely believe it can do the same for you.
It is worth more to me than anything money can buy, for I know this labor of love is a ministry.
And it all begins with a prayer…
Because I trust God completely, I have followed his instructions to bless each element of every jewelry creation through specific prayer. In fact, every bead, crystal, side-cross, and strand of elastic has been blessed before they are even joined together into the final creation.
Each Divine Destiny Bracelet is then prayed over after each one is individually created, with a prayer that specifically speaks to prosperity, health, and relationship.
“I appreciate the beauty of your jewelry, but more of all I felt YOUR beauty when you prayed for me.”
When you wear it, you will be blessed as God’s Divine Destiny for your life is manifested. The effect is the same, whether you purchase a  bracelet for yourself, or for gifts for friends and family.
 What better way to share God’s rich blessings?
“Thank you! They are gorgeous! I ordered FOUR of them!”
The Divine Destiny Bracelet
There are TWO design options for your Divine Destiny Bracelet
Option #1:
Brown Coffee Striped Wooden Beads With Turquoise & Crystal

Divine Destiny Bracelet

Divine Destiny Bracelet

 Perfect for daily wear, this bracelet is hand crafted with two turquoise colored stone nuggets, nestled against a sparkling crystal embedded side cross followed by a single crystal sphere bead on each end. The surrounding coffee striped wooden beads add a warm touch as they embrace your wrist.

Each bracelet is handcrafted with love and prayer using elasticized double strand for strength and adaptability. You will find the bracelets stretch enough to accommodate variations in wrist size very comfortably.
$29.95 for ONE  SAVE BIG! $49.95 for TWO or $69.95 for THREE 
Please indicate your wrist size preference when ordering:
                                          Receive your Divine Destiny Now
 Want a dressier look for everyday or special occasions?
You’ll LOVE this…
Option #2
Jet Black with Hematite Crystal and White Glass Pearl Beads
Your second option for your prayer infused Divine Destiny Bracelet is lovingly  created with two small faceted glass beads in jet black, surrounding a crystal clear  embedded side cross in black, followed by single hematite crystal sphere at each  end, and glossy white glass pearl beads to embrace your wrist. 
$29.95 for ONE SAVE BIG! $49.95 for TWO or $69.95 for THREE 
Please indicate your wrist size preference when ordering:
  • Each Divine Destiny Bracelet is individually infused with blessings
    through prayer for health, prosperity, and relationship.
  • Each Divine Destiny Bracelet comes with a written copy of your
    inspirational prayer, so you or the recipient can continue to pray the
    prayer personally.
  • Each Divine Destiny Bracelet’s captivating beauty is abundantly
    enhanced through God’s love and favor.
I bless the day I was chosen to create jewelry in this way, and to give thanks for being able to share this blessing. I want YOU to be blessed as well.Many wear their bracelets daily to ensure their day is aligned with God’s purpose and love for them, further enhancing their divine relationship.
Because it is a stunning adornment for your wrist, you may think this is simply another piece of jewelry.The truth is, the prayer that goes into your Divine
Destiny Bracelet before it is even hand crafted is even more powerful
and enduring.
Wear it in Faith. I believe you will be thrilled with the results as you draw closer to  God’s destiny for your life. Like me, you will find your life is profoundly changed in ways you can only imagine right now. 
 May God’s favor lead you to your divine destiny.

Feel The Power Of God’s Love For You
Every Time You Wear Your Divine Destiny Bracelet

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